Legal & Compliance

Last Updated: 3 June 2019


Legal Considerations and Risks

Market volatility risk – cryptocurrency markets, since their appearance, have been characterized by high degree of uncertainty and volatility. In addition, having in mind the relatively recent rise of this market, the unpredictability of the future economic conditions may have significant impact on the success of any such offerings in general;

Cyber security risk – the company may be a target of malicious attacks aimed to find and exploit weaknesses in the software, which may potentially result in loss and/or theft of tokens. In addition, there is an ongoing risk of system failures, that may result is service interruptions and/or other negative consequences;

Industry/competition risk – companies engaged in the high- technology business sphere face significant competition, due to the high-speed development of the technologies and amortization of the currently exploited systems, software etc.; Risks can be related to larger client base, name recognition, bad commercial practices and implementation of practices in violation of the common competition rules;

Media risk – as usual, development of technologies is related to increasing media interest, where the sector is tied by high level of confidentiality, commercial and trade secrets. In this case excessive media interest may seriously harm the business, as for example activating other risks as the above described “competition risk” or via negative publications to affect client base etc.;

Regulatory & compliance risk – because of the “cutting edge” status of the sector, regulations are following the practical implementation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The rapidly developing sector may suddenly become a subject to statutory and regulatory requirements, which may potentially alter the business.

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